Hi my name's Matt and I must reveal to you my experience with Klonopin 6 years back I experienced things i think would be a dramatic existence-altering event for me personally my wife and me work separating permanently and everything began failing I began to shed weight get breathless fast eventually I began to possess bad ideas ideas to harm myself others even my very own family I spent many difficulty sleeping around the couch for 2 several weeks I remained there attempting to die waiting to die then finally eventually I acquired up and visited visit a mental health specialist I described to him he put me on Klonopin following a couple of yrs I observed I began getting temporary loss of memory I'm presently weaning myself off but it is very difficult other people experience this.

I've been struggling with anxiety attacks since 2008. Eventually I had been just chatting on the telephone having a friend when from nowhere I felt like there is an elephant take a seat on my chest, intending to state that i had been experiencing chest tightness. I Then began breathing faster and that i did not know then things i know now, that that fast breathing is known as breathlessness. Then that symptom brought to me beat going faster after which that brought in my experience feeling like i had been losing control and I needed to have an acquaintance take me towards the ER that was lower the road however it felt enjoy it required me hrs to obtain there. Time really slows lower over these attacks, and existence just appears so intolerable. Anyway, doc put me on .05mg Klonopin in 2008 and contains labored wonders since.

My physician started buy Klonopin occasions each day after i was 23 years of age to assist in treating anxiety and sleep problems. I required the xanax for 11 many it did help my signs and symptoms although Used to do increase your tolerance pretty fast but stored at same dose. However when my physician upon the market along with a new physician required over his practice I had been abruptly stopped the xanax. It was a harmful factor to complete. I started to enter withdrawals within eventually with no xanax. The withdrawals were excruciating and lasted for days. I had been in constant extreme anxiety. Sleep was nearly totally absent in excess of two days. My ideas began to get almost to begin psychosis that also lasted for days. So never abruptly stop benzos unless of course medically supervi.