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JusNytt provides insight and commentaries on current legal events, in-depth articles and analysis on key topics and provides access to an up to date archive with important source material on these focus areas:

Intellectual property
Copyright, patents and trademarks
Areas where the right of use and distribution has potentially significant economic value, and is directly related to non-physical or abstract concepts of right to property. Typical examples are goodwill, trademarks, inventions, design etc. The legal regulation of these rights are severely fragmented, and has grown quite complex as international considerations grow ever more important.

Telecom and IT
Competition Law and Market Regulations

Due to a long history of regulation and public control, Telecom and Competition Law go hand in hand. Following in the wake of the international trend of telemarket de-regulation, this trend has only asserted itself more firmly. The Norwegian market is characterised by high demographic penetration with regard to modern communications technology with consumers, as well as the underlying technological infrastructure.

Content and Media
Freedom of Speech, Distribution of Content and Liability

Rulings on Human Rights from the court in Strasbourg have significant impact on national laws and regulations related to (amongst others) freedom of speech. These rulings have over time led to a silent change og paradigm, wherein freedom of speech is awarded a greater part in the legal landscape. Consequently, traditional values related to the balancing of freedom of speech and similer human rights are not necessarily correct after these rulings from Strasbourg, creating a demand for up to date legal insight into this area of law.

Editor and administrator: Lawyer Halvor Manshaus - with the Lawfirm Schjødt DA in Oslo.

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Administrator and editor of the contents on this webpage is lawyer Halvor Manshaus from the Lawfirm Schjødt DA. If you would like to contribute with material or information that is relevant for the users of this site, you can make contact by using the form under "Contact" in the menu above. The point of JusNytt is to make available information and material that is otherwise hard to come by, both for legal professionals and others with an interest for these topics.

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The core topic areas for JusNytt are: Intellectual Property (Copyright, Patent and Trademark Law), Telecom and IT (Competition Law and Market Regulations) and Content and Media (Freedom of Speech, Media and Content Distribution & Liability). In addition, there is a section for Legal History with focus on Roman Law, with material centered around the period 500 A.D. (and the Code of Iustinianus: Corpus Iuris Civilis).